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Kanghanlom Film
Are Storytellers at Heart.
The beginning of our story started on December 12, 2012. Back when we were in university, there was a huge rumor about 'The day the world ended' (12/12/12, do you remember?) At that time, we didn't know if it's true or not. So we decided to do something memorable before the world ends! (Sounds ridiculous? haha) 

And then, we named Kanghanlom which means "Wind turbine" in Thai language. Because we compare clients to the wind that make our blades keep spinning! 

After working on the wedding film production over the years. It makes us realize how happy we are when we get on it. We are always delighted to see the Bride and Groom laughing and smiling for the camera. Always enjoy being part of the wedding where the people come and congrats to their beloved.

What about our style? Actually, we don't have a specific style of presentation. But we will collect the unique and distinctive of each couple while filming because we believe that what they show up at the moment is from their inside. So, there will be different ways of each presentation to be shown.

We recognize that we can't turn back time when it passes by, but we can keep the memories alive forever. Just count on us!
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